Say Gerbera and you say ‘yes!’ to Summit Gerbera. This first-class breeders’ association knows how to find a suitable Gerbera for every mood, interior wish or bouquet for every occasion. This week they launch a sparkling and cheerful new range: a special mix-box with large-flowered Gerberas and Germinis. This box has been put together exclusively for Van der Plas’s customers!

The gerbera finds its way into many a mixed bouquet. And that’s not surprising when you think of its cheerful and exuberant appearance! The breeders’ association Summit Gerbera also got charmed by its cheerfulness, and so in 2019 eight large-flowered Gerbera and Germini growers joined forces. And so the breeders’ association Summit Gerbera was born. Everything between knowledge in the field of cultivation and cultivation techniques, to packaging and sustainability, has been shared daily since then!

Wide range: over 230 varieties! 

With an unprecedentedly large assortment of more than 230 spherical and large-flowered Gerberas, Germinis, spiders and pastinis in every conceivable color, Summit Gerbera really has all there is. Moreover, the range is also renewed every year! “The desire for standard varieties is decreasing, and the demand for special varieties in exceptional colors and exclusive forms is increasing. We have been growing some varieties such as the large-flowered variety Mystique for 20 years. We have even been growing the Germini Mandala for 23 years!” says grower Ruud van Leeuwen in his greenhouse. In winter, dark colors do well, in summer the lighter shades are in focus. “Pastel shades are currently very popular with the germinis.”

Beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful 

Within the gerbera world, breeders are increasingly shifting their focus on special species. This includes both new shapes and new colors, but also improving the quality itself. Beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful certainly fits in here. Ruud: “As Summit Gerbera, we closely follow all trends and pick out the latest varieties, so we continuously improve our range. That is why we have now put together a mix-box containing the very latest varieties and species, which we offer exclusively to the customers of Van der Plas!


Summit Gerbera is working on sustainability on a daily basis. In the excursion group where different growers taking a part they regularly exchange knowledge. Ruud explains: “We are sustainable on a small scale, from getting the proper setting of the climate in the greenhouse right, to giving the right nutrition to the plants. In the long term, we are also working on large sustainable investments such as LED lighting and the recycling of water, all our water is reused after it has been purified!” The breeders’ association is certified and has an MPS-A certification, in addition, growers are also socially qualified and GAP certified. Sunny sustainably grown Gerberas and Germinis, if they don’t shine?

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