In spring, our garden and indoor plants are all about colour, fun and cheerfulness. This year’s trends make it easy for us: we can once again draw from the full palette of colours and thus liven things up (or the flower shop). We have taken a closer look at this spring’s trend highlight “Crazy Illusions” for you.

Within the “Crazy Illusions” trend different colours, shapes and textures are used to create an impressive, cheerful atmosphere. This trend confronts our illusions with reality for a playful, happy and colourful look. It is like we are rediscovering pleasure, which is not a surprise in this age of restrictions we’re living as a society at the moment.

Trend ingredients

Everything that fits with this style trend is characterised by vibrant colours, playful shapes and surprising objects. This season we use a lot of round shapes, different textures and colours to create a happy and playful atmosphere. Of course, this also includes a wide variety of plants. For example, we combine colourful species with green plants and choose plants that inspire and stimulate the imagination.


For example, the medinilla, which is a real eye-catcher with its tropical look and pink flowers and cannot be missing from this trend collection. Even people who don’t think much of plants or the colour pink are impressed by the medinilla. This majestic houseplant is a great eye-catcher. If it is given an appropriate location where it can stand and hang freely, it will flower for up to five months.


Bromeliads rise like a glowing flame from their green leafy heart. An impressive creation of nature. The unreal forms of the bromeliad are so beautiful that you feel the immediate urge to touch them and check if they are real. But not only are they a true masterpiece of nature, they are also uncomplicated houseplants that require little care. A little light and a little water will reward you with spectacular colours and a tropical look.


In total, there are more than 2800 different species of bromeliads, only some of which have been cultivated as houseplants. The best known are Guzmania (trumpet shape), Aechmea (with silver-grey rosette), Vriesea (with feather-like shapes), Neoregalia (with red calyx) and Tillandsia (aerial and paddle-like shapes). The ornamental pineapple, Nidularium, Billbergia (a hanging variety) and Cryptyantus also belong to this plant genus. Common to all bromeliads is also their positive influence on air quality.

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