Spring is just around the corner and this not only means an abundance of colourful spring flowers, but the latest collections of vases, pots and decorative items are available too. Together with decoration wholesaler HBX natural living, we have selected the must-haves for this spring. Get inspired by the trends of this season because the time that a florist only sold a bunch of flowers is long gone.

HBX natural living

Wholesaler HBX literally goes back to the source to put together their assortment of living and lifestyle accessories made of natural materials. From wreaths to baskets and from decorative fruit to vases, each and every one of these accessories make a house a home. Therefore HBX literally travels around the world looking for the most beautiful products and creations. From Europe and Africa via Asia to South and North America. They never lose touch with neither their domestic or foreign producers. This is their secret to continuously surprise you.

Hyacint inspiratie
Hyacint inspiratie

Spring collection

HBX loves spring with a fresh interior that matches your style. That is why they’ve selected the most beautiful products of different colours, patterns and materials. Choose the atmosphere that fits your shop! Are you looking for something impressive to carry those fresh flowers, spring branches or fragrant exotics? HBX has an extensive collection of holders, trays, pots and vases that elevate all your creations to a higher level!

Dried Flowers

Are you looking for endless enjoyment? Have a look at the dried flowers of HBX and combine a timeless dried bouquet with your favourite vase. Thanks to our wide range of high quality dried bouquets you can vary without limits. With a few extra dried flowers you can arrange a completely new dry bouquet to suit any new season! Because dried bouquets last all year and don’t need any maintenance, they are very durable.

The ultimate living feeling

Customers are looking for the complete package. By using decoration in combination with flowers and plants you do not only create a beautiful shop but also the ultimate cosy feeling. A place where you immediately feel at home and which appeals to your customers. Lately flower shops have become real home furnishing shops where customers, in addition to flowers and plants, are buying decorations for their homes too.

In our webshop, you find the amazing collection of HBX, “the” wholesaler in the field of natural decoration. All their products can be delivered along with your flower and plant order. Very handy!

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