Trees are blossoming, the days are getting longer. Can you already feel the first sunbeams on your face? New-born lambs and calves are frolicking in the meadow… and look, spring flowers like yellow daffodils and colourful crocuses are sprouting up. Yes, it is spring and nature is calling: Easter is coming!

Spring and Easter stand for fertility and new beginnings, which is why yellow is the colour of Easter. Of all colours, yellow contains the most light. This radiant and powerful colour can therefore be found in abundance of our flowers and spring products in the run-up to Easter. We associate yellow with the joy of life and happiness. Bring it on that sunny spring colour!


When you see daffodils, you scream spring! These lively eulogies herald the new season. Daffodils bloom in parks, public spaces and private gardens. But this yellow bloomer is also available as a cut flower. This allows you to turn a bouquet into a colourful spring bouquet in no time at all! The yellow variety is the most well-known, but did you know that the daffodil is also available in white and light pink? Scented or unscented, large or small trumpets – Van der Plas has it all.

Have a look here for our daffodil varieties and other spring flowers!

Strong gold Tulips 

Nothing more Dutch than a field full of happy tulips! Who doesn’t get spring feelings from that?

But did you know that the tulip originates from the region around Iran? Nomads took this special flower to Turkey, where sultans put them in their turban. That’s how the tulip got its name: ‘tulipan’ means turban. Fortunately, the tulip also found its way to the Netherlands and nowadays this spring flower announces spring indoors as well. We are offering the colour ‘strong gold’ this week. Strong Gold is a beautiful, golden yellow tulip that lasts extra long! View this first-class Easter offer here.

Dried Bouquet for Easter

You will find the most beautiful dried flowers, herbs, grasses and plumes with you can create a unique dried bouquet for your customers. Thanks to our large range of high-quality dried flowers you can varies endlessly in bouquet types and colors. Will you choose Easter yellow or do you prefer fresh spring colors? Dried flowers remain endless beautiful! Because dried bouquets last all year and require no maintenance, they are also very durable. Which dried bouquet will you choose?

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