With flowers you get a piece of nature and positivity into your home. That is why we as flower traders want to have positive impact on people and our planet! Sustainable developments are increasingly finding their way within the floriculture sector. For example Van der Plas, Porta Nova and Chrysal have as partners joined their forces to take care of the environment and the planet. For that kind of work we’re stronger together!

At Van der Plas we do everything we can to make our florists happy, and we are just as busy with satisfying the need for sustainably grown flowers. Growth must go hand in hand with a positive impact on the environment. That is one of the reasons that Van der Plas runs 100% on wind energy, and we are part of the FSI (Floriculture Sustainability Initiative). We believe that sustainability and transparency within the entire chain is essential to continue to trade justifiable flowers and plants. Sharing knowledge and collaboration is of great importance.  That is why Van der Plas and the nurseries Porta Nova and Chrysal work together as partners in the field of sustainability. And it really pays off!

Porta Nova: ‘Minimal impact on the environment is our top priority!’

Sustainably grown roses smell extra good! As with Chrysal, Porta Nova puts quality on the first row. Porta Nova strives to grow the best roses in the whole world, with minimal impact on the environment.

Central to this approach is cultivation without the use of gas, the exclusive use of renewable energy and using rainwater to prepare nourishment for the roses. Everything in service of the main goal: achieving the lowest ecological footprint per rose. 

Did you know that Porta Nova grows her roses not in soil, but in rockwool? This allows them to add the exact amount of required fertilizer, without any waste. Doing this we do not burden the soil. Another sustainable development is that Porta Nova uses CO2 from their own energy supply and from an energy supplier in Rotterdam. Doing this we contribute with reducing CO2. Happy roses, happy florist and a happy consumer! View these sustainable roses here:

Chrysal: ‘The best care for flowers and plants and, ultimately, a more beautiful world!’ 

Sustainability is woven into everything Chrysal undertakes! Within the sustainability program, Chrysal has four fields of focus: fighting climate change, contributing to a sustainable economy, caring for staff and people, and ensuring a positive impact on the environment. Through their products, advice, and protocols, Chrysal helps its partners such as Porta Nova to reduce both waste and water usage!

Chrysal provides the market with a 99 % bio-based flower food in a sustainable packaging. This flower food is made from renewable organic resources and therefore contributes to a circular economy! Flowers stay beautiful for up to 60 percent longer!

By continuously innovating, heavy focus on quality and an ongoing search for sustainable solutions, Chrysal strives to exceed the wishes of our customers – today and tomorrow. With the aim: the best care for flowers and plants, satisfied consumers and, ultimately, a nicer world. View Chrysal’s sustainable nourishment here:

Are you as much a fan as we are of sustainably grown flowers? Together we ensure a better, flowery, and sustainable world of tomorrow!

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