Sustainable flowers and plants

Worrie-free shopping for florists, that is the mission of Van der Plas. The ecological footprint is part of this. We ensure that from field to vase, the entire process is as fair as possible. You can therefore carefree buy responsible products from Europe’s #1 platform for florists.

Fighting global warming

Are you looking for a sustainable Dutch flower and plant exporter? Van der Plas is what you are looking for. A close-knit family business and a progressive flower and plant wholesaler for more than fifty years. Among the more than 450 employees, you will find several generations from different families. We know: there is a time after our time. We, too, have our duty to combat global warming.

Moreover, profit should not be at the expense of people’s health and rights. Anywhere in the floriculture chain. That’s what we’re going for.

Read on below about our certifications.


from flower and plant wholesaler Van der Plas

Actions speak louder than words. As the #1 purchasing platform for florists, we take our responsibility. Therefore because it is our duty, it is part of our mission: to allow European florists to shop without any worries. We are a stable partner in the sustainable world of tomorrow. These internationally recognized certifications are part of that.

Flourishing Together

We follow the flowers and plants of certified suppliers throughout the entire chain. The EKT is indispensable in this regard. This contains the grower with a unique number per product. This makes the products traceable and excludes unauthorized use of certification. And is part of Global GAP. We call this traceability Chain of Custody.

For example, Van de Plas wants to provide florists with beautiful quality roses all year round. A grower from Africa, a risk area, offers these. We only purchase roses from this grower if he is certified in G.A.P, environment and people. Our motto is, therefore: flourishing together. You don’t become a sustainable flower wholesaler on your own. Together with our Flourishing Partners, we go for sustainable.

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