It’s autumn. The days are getting shorter and shorter, and we’re longing for a sense of warmth and cosiness. A great way to bring some colour to the homes of your customers is with the flowering plants from SV.CO. In their sustainable greenhouses located in De Lier, they grow an enormous variety of potted Chrysanthemum and Kalanchoe. SV.CO has been flowering the world since the late 70’s and use their expertise to grow top quality plants, every day. SV.CO is our grower of the week!

Potted Chrysanthemum

SV.CO is known for it’s grand variety of potted Chrysanthemum. Because of their enormous range, they have divided their varieties in 5 different collections: Classic, double, carnaval, special and exclusive. These collections all come with their own range of colours. No matter what collection you choose, potted Chrysanthemum really does work in any interior.  Not only will they colour the dark days ahead, they’re also very easy to care for. It’s also a very rewarding plant as it will blossom beautiful flowers for over 8 weeks. Isn’t that something?

Flowering Kalanchoe

This may not be the first plant that will come to mind when you think about autumn. It’s more of a summer bloomer so to say. However, the Kalanchoe is a gorgeous bloomer, the whole year round. SV.CO grows and extensive collection of double flowered Kalanchoe that are perfect for autumn. This collection is filled with vibrant orange, yellow and pink coloured kalanchoe. They require little to no care, which is great for the more lazy customer.

A sustainable future

SV.CO is working to create a more sustainable and cheerful world together. They are MPS certified. Which means they work hard to keep their production as eco-friendly as possible. For instance, they have solar panels on their processing halls, which is good for 54 households. They recycle their rainwater and save up the same amount that is used by 5095 households. That’s amazing.

Snijanthurium van Anthogether

Kraft Paper

And, they also came up with the Kraft paper sleeve. Kraft paper is made from pressed paper derived from recycled paper. It’s a strong As a result, sturdy sleeve that is also good for the environment. This sleeve, does not have a glue seam, is printed and 100% recyclable. What a great job!

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