In autumn, we like to surround ourselves with warmth, light and a touch of glitter. Inspiring, timeless or just in line with the latest trends; the beautiful wax roses of Berg RoseS are atmospheric and colourful every day.  We spoke with Jan Doeze, who works at the family business, about the fairytale look that the rose gets with wax.

Florist of the month Marianne Guedin

Growers’ blood runs in the Van den Berg family

At Van den Berg RoseS in Delfgauw, you step into a real family business. We are yet at the fourth generation of growers! The company has existed for 100 years and the knowledge and experience accumulated over the years has been passed on from generation to generation. This has ensured that Berg RoseS stands for top quality today.

Once inside the greenhouse, you will be amazed. There is a sea of colours here. White, pink, orange and yellow roses, Berg RoseS has them all. What these beautiful roses have in common are the large flower buds and the thick sturdy stems. Craftsmanship and contemporary technology are combined with passion for the trade. The roses are cut by hand. But smart technology is also used to sort the top quality roses with extreme precision. This is done by means of a camera that takes a picture of the rose. The computer measures the bud size, length, stem thickness and the desired ripeness.

Fairytale appearance

We spoke to Jan Doeze about the fairytale look the rose gets with wax. He told us that only the white roses are used for the waxing process. Previously, this was only done at BergRoseS with the Avalanche+, as this is a rose of outstanding quality. Due to the enormous demand, the family business has made the choice to also offer the cheaper Athena as a wax rose.

The range of wax roses consists of 30 colours, no colour is too crazy for BergRoses! The colours vary from canary yellow to poisonous green. The most popular colours are red, burgundy and white. “Around Christmas time the gold, silver and copper wax roses are on the list of many customers. Sometimes we finish off the wax roses with some glitter! They just need to dry out and then they can be packed for sale,” says Jan.

Florist des Monats Marianne Guedin

Dreamy dry-erase creation with wondrous wax roses

By treating roses with wax, you can enjoy the flower even longer. You can use the roses in a flower arrangement, present them on their own in a vase or use them in a dreamy dried bouquet. In any case, we are fans of wax roses!  They have beautiful buds, stand firmly on their pedestal and continue to sparkle in the vase for four to five weeks!  You can order the wonderful wax roses until Christmas.

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