We say ‘yes’ to everything, because it’s time to celebrate again! Now that corona rules are being relaxed all over Europe, we expect a huge wedding rush. All the postponed weddings will finally take place. That is why it is extra important that florists are well prepared for this. Let Van der Plas and Berg RoseS deliver the most beautiful, exclusive and top-quality wedding-proof flowers!

When you get married, you have to make a statement, and what better way to do so than with extravagant flowers? As a florist, it is therefore extra important that you are aware of the most exclusive varieties and latest trends. All the better if you have a supplier who knows where to get these fantastic wedding products from! Van der Plas is the platform for florists, so you can safely entrust wedding-proof flowers to us!

Rose – the ultimate love flower

Berg RoseS is one of our flourishing partners who has been working with us for many years. This grower grows a top-quality rose and delivers faster than fast and fresher than fresh. Berg RoseS even has the most complete and exclusive range of large-headed roses in the Netherlands! From Avalanche+ varieties, Buttercup, Clarence+ and Miss Piggy+, to Aqua!, Bellini!, Fifth Avenue and the newcomer, Caprera – we have them all!
Mention love and you think of roses! There is no more suitable wedding flower than the rose. Roses stand for ultimate love, joy and affection. Such a flower cannot be missing at a wedding. But did you know that the colours of this most common wedding flower also have different meanings? Avalanche Peach+® radiates warmth, enthusiasm and passion. White stands for purity and peace and symbolises a new beginning. It doesn’t get any more beautiful than this!

Brand new trend: dried flowers with fresh flowers

Although trends in wedding flowers change almost daily, with the latest wedding trends, we see that dried flowers are being combined with fresh flowers. Most bouquets are composed of different types of flowers and the rose is a flower that combines perfectly with other types of flowers. The rose is always a nice touch. Mixing everything together into a beautiful playful ensemble: pampas grasses with proteas and beautiful large Avalanche+® roses, nothing is too wild!

The style is loose and a natural look is paramount. After all, flowers like to go their own way… In terms of flower colour, neutral colours are currently very popular at weddings. From light pink to white, beige and a cheerful touch of Avalanche Peach+®. This peach colour is seen a lot in combination with pampas, eucalyptus and of course, the indispensable touch of wedding white!

The indispensable roses

Whatever combination or style your customer wants to go for, romantic roses are indispensable in a sparkling bridal bouquet, corsages and as table decoration! Berg RoseS has lovingly grown the most beautiful specimens for you.

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