After a hot and long summer, the gardens of your customers have seen better days. Autumn has arrived. Bedding plants have faded and it’s time to fill the gardens again. The days ahead of us may not be as bright as they were in summer, but there are still plenty of autumn plants that can give colour right through autumn and up to the beginning of winter.

There’s plenty of choice in the autumn-flowering-plant-section. But which plant suits your flower shop in the best way. And according to the latest trends in garden plants this season, you need to add a lot of colour. To help you out, our buyers selected the most popular plants to fill your shop with this season.


No plant is more associated with autumn than chrysanthemums, better known as mums. This late-year bloomer is basically the ultimate autumn plant. Mums come in so many different sizes and varieties that it’s simply impossible to name them all. It’s such an easy plant to take care of, and they come in a gigantic colour range. Yellow, copper, white, pink, orange, you name it, the mums got it. It’s the number one plant for this season.


Have you ever walked in fields of heather (Calluna)? It’s breathtakingly beautiful to see their blooming colours in Autumn. Time to bring this plant a little more close to home and fill your shop with these beauties. The vibrant pink heather is particularly popular this year. However there are many colours that will lift your shop to higher autumn vibes. Did you know there are also painted varieties of heather?


This bloomer is a true fighter. When most garden bloomers have given up, this botanical beauty will continue to bloom until late into autumn. The name refers to the Greek word for Star, and it sure is the star of the gardens this season. Aster comes in many colours like lilac, purple, pink, red and white. Making it a colourful companion for your flower shop.


Heuchera (Alumroot) is a quite a surprising plant and is different to many others. In winter most plants die above the ground, however alumroot retains its leaves in the cold months. Like the Aster, this plant is also a true fighter. Heuchera is known to keep its leaves all year round. They vary in colours like bright green, caramel, dark red, lemon, silver, black or bronze. An autumn treasure!


Adding colour to a garden has never been easier than with Pernettya, or commonly known as Prickly Heath. The colour from this plant comes from it’s fantastic berries that look like small marbles. It’s available in many colours, like white, pink, red or purple. This plant can easily survive frosty temperatures below zero and it’s berries are a fine meal for birds as well!

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