Convenience is key

Want to make sure you make the best choice? We understand you! In our shop, it is now super easy to compare different product variants directly with each other.

This is especially useful for categories like Roses, where the range is large, with many different growers and in various lengths. A perfect tool!

Shop Roses and use our tool
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Compare easily

All information in one place
Whether you are looking for different lengths, want to explore the various growers or compare prices, you will now find all information on the product detail page for the item of your interest.

Our user-friendly interface presents all variants of your product side by side, making it easy to see which option best suits your needs and budget.

Decide with confidence
The new comparison function lets you decide with confidence. We make the price differences of the same product transparent and accessible to you!

Shop smart and save yourself time by using the product comparator. Shop now and experience for yourself how easy it is to find and compare the perfect product variants.